Why Natural Woods are a Clear Stylistic Winner for Any Kitchen or Bathroom Design

For years, contemporary, all-white kitchens and sleek all-white bathrooms reigned supreme as the most popular design trend for homes everywhere. Today, however, natural woods, like oak, are starting to creep back into the marketplace, as well as in kitchens and bathrooms. As you embark on redesigning your kitchen or bathroom, there are several important reasons why natural woods for your cabinetry, flooring, and other home features are an optimal stylistic choice:

• Durability—Materials harvested from the earth boast extreme durability, and natural woods are no exception. Whether you incorporate a butcher block island in your kitchen island or opt for all-wood cabinetry in your bathroom, these materials will last for years with proper, consistent care.

Why Natural Woods are a Clear Stylistic Winner for Any Kitchen or Bathroom Design

• On-trend style—One of the biggest trends in home décor right now is incorporating as many green materials as possible. Natural woods capitalize on this current home design trend and can be mixed with a variety of other materials. For example, choose lighter bamboo flooring for your kitchen and make a statement with a large wooden dining table.

• Timeless décor—Embracing a timeless style is the best way to ensure your interiors maintain their beauty, interest, and appeal for years to come. Know that even if you don’t prefer rustic designs, adding even minor amounts of natural woods into your design plans can greatly enhance the classic style of your rooms.

• Increased personality—You want your kitchen or design plans to be unique, and since natural woods are harvested from nature, these materials feature natural imperfections that make them one-of-a-kind. As you incorporate natural wood features and finishes into your design plans, embrace these quirks as part of your space’s overall character.

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