Plato Woodwork

Plato Woodwork

As one of America’s preeminent custom cabinet manufacturers, Plato Woodwork has come to define what custom means. Simply put, Plato Personalized Custom means having your cabinet in any style, any size, any wood species, any color, any finish and anywhere. Plato is best known for building exquisite traditional inset cabinets. For over 100 years five generations of the Penske family have owned and actively managed the company in Plato, Minnesota that gave the company its name.

The difference in custom is in the details. Nothing is “stocked”. No parts are made until they begin processing your order to match your personal specifications. It starts with hand selection of rough sawn lumber to make frames & doors to exact specifications. Then continues with superb and unhurried craftsmanship at each step.

The result is cabinets built to consistently high standards in a state-of-the-art facility by dedicated craftsmen who use the finest materials and are finished under environmentally controlled conditions. Plato offers a lifetime warranty on it’s products to the original customer. Cabinet Studio has represented Plato Woodwork since 1996.

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