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We are proud that every kitchen and bath on this site was designed and built by Cabinet Studio. For more than 25 years our creative and professional team has helped hundreds of clients and friends realize the dream of a unique and personalized space.

We are first and foremost a design driven company. We strive to bring your personal style to life using an unmatched variety of styles and finishes from the very best brands. Whether you are building or renovating, let us help you create the kitchen or bath that is uniquely yours.

Bob Vaughn, President

Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design

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Latest News

Melissa Jessup awarded AKBD designation

 Melissa Jessup successfully completed her certification requirements for Associate Kitchen & Bath Designer from the National Kitchen & Bath Association.  This professional credential recognizes her years of experience in the kitchen & bath industry, over 30 hours of professional development courses and/or approved college coursework, professional endorsements and a rigorous academic examination.  Congratulations to Melissa for this important achievement!

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