Cookin' with Gas

The old cabinets were medium stained oak which seem to darken the space.  The existing range was too close to the corner base cabinetry and the location of the refrigerator was not convenient.  The existing pantry was never a good storage area.  A long counter and cabinetry opposite the sink were handy for buffet entertaining and storage, but a much better use of this wall was already in the planning stage.  Lastly, with both husband and wife cooking simultaneously, there was a need for a second, yet small, prep sink.  Additional wishes included eliminating a small desk, adding a second oven and a warming drawer.

Both the choice of a full overlay doorstyle by Cuisines Laurier in an off-white paint, and the inclusion of a light taupe quartz countertop, seemed to expand the space.  By placing the new refrigerator on another wall, space was then available to move the new dual fuel range down and out of the corner.  An attractive wooden hood flanked by sconces created an attractive focal wall.  A warming drawer was added to the left of the range.  The old pantry was eliminated entirely and replaced with two tall cabinets left and right of a small service or staging counter to the dining room.  A small TV and microwave were included behind pocket doors near the refrigerator.

New owners report how well this new kitchen works for them and how they love the total new look.


Kitchen Designer: Sandy B. Jones CKD

General Contractor: Holland Builders

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