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Cuisines Laurier

Cuisines Laurier

In the province of Quebec, Canada, home of Cuisines Laurier, the furniture tradition is a blend of French, British and American influence. Out of that rich tradition, Cuisines Laurier was born in 1990.

The region is known for having traditional woodworking and furniture making craftsmen. Cuisines Laurier has developed a loyal following as one of the most versatile custom cabinet manufacturers around.

They excel at blending different styles from rustic to traditional to contemporary. Colors and finishes are their strength and are definitely European influenced. They have been on the forefront of bringing new painted and glazed looks as well as a full range of treatments (distressing, spattering and sandthrough) to the U.S. market. With a color laboratory equipped to match an infinite range of colors and craftsmen who have mastered the fine art of customized furniture making, you get the perfect blend of style and quality.

Cuisines Laurier offers a full lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Cabinet Studio has represented Cuisines Laurier since 2001.

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